Hello there!

We are proud members of the European Solidarity Corps, the new volunteering programme funded by the EU for all the young Europeans aged 18-30.

We regularly host two volunteers for up to one year. You can find us in the New European Youth Portal.

Here we will give you a short glimpse of what you can expect when staying with us.

The main aim of the project is to inspire young persons with the idea of living community in a sustainable way, across generations and with persons with very different backgrounds.

Once the volunteers leave our place they will have experienced ways to realize a common project, ways of living in a sustainable and respectful way with oneself, with others, with nature. They will have achieved methods of taking good decisions in a group, ways of growing by showing themselves, ways to live a daily life together, with all its challenges.

Housing: In our cohousing we have two lightful rooms reservated especially for the volunteers with a seperate entrance, and a yurt for the warmer seasons.

Regarding food: we have lunch toghether up to two times a week. The rest of the meals or the volunteers are invited by members of our comunity to eat together or they will cook for themselves. We have a foodcoop where they can provide themselves with the products they need.

Getting around: there are almost daily shuttles to the train station, a bus stop is just nearby our house and we have guest bicycles the volunteers can use.

We offer a variety of activities:


organizing a shuttle system for the community and the surrounding villages

Family Life

organizing common activities like planning and realizing meals together, discussions, movie sessions, workshops, activities with the kids

Social Media

helping with social media, writing posts, making small videos

Community Supported Agriculture

helping in our ecological agriculture

House & Garden

helping with construction and gardening


realizing own projects

The tasks in which the volunteers can contribute and learn new skills vary depending on the season as well as which of our projects is next to be realized.

We also try to meet the interests and skills of the volunteers and take them into account. We have formed a supporting team which carries out the weekly jour fixe and regular feedback talks.

In the beginning of the volunteer’s stay concrete learning goals are agreed on. At the end of the volunteering period the volunteer’s progress as well as their achievement of the learning goals are discussed in an open dialogue.

Who are we looking for?

  • people should have a minimum age of 18 years
  • people do not need any specific qualifications but also people with special qualifications who want to get practice and experience are welcome
  • people with qualifications in the areas handicraft, construction and agriculture are very welcome and also
  • people with academic background in the areas ecology, politics, sociology, agriculture, social work, pedagogics and so on
  • all should bring along lots of motivation and open-mindedness as well as an interest in the general goals and activities of the association